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We are a legal herbal shop incense blend warehouse supplier/wholesaler/distributor. Often mistakenly referred to as "Legal Highs", “Herbal Highs” or "Herbal Smoking Blends" "Spice or Phunk Spice or Sway" Our incense blends are strictly not for human consumption. These blends are true herbal blends claiming to let you enjoy their unique and strongly relaxing properties. Super Crazy Incense has the best selection of products at the best possible prices. Disclaimer: Our mixture of traditional herbs and potpourri are enhanced with aromatic properties. These product are intended to be used as a fragrant potpourri/incense only. This product is not designed, intended, or suggested to be used for human consumption in any capacity, including oral ingestion or through the inhalation of smoke or vapors in any way. Both the manufacturers and retailers of this product take no responsibility for the incorrect use or misuse of this product.
Our line of legal incense products and blends include: OMG, Mind Trip, WTF, Joker, Diablo, Dead Man Walking, ShamRocks, Caution Gold, Mad Hatter Original, Bizarro Blueberry, Orgazmo Blueberry, Caution Platinum, AK-47 24 Karat Gold, California Dreams, Mad Monkey, Bizarro Hypnotic, Sexy Zombie, Alice in Wonderland, 7H Hydro, Diablo, Bizarro Strawberry, King Kong, Nuclear Bomb, Wicked Witch, Cloud 9 Mad Hatter Blueberry, Cloud 9 Mad Hatter Strawberry, Mad Hatter Watermelon, Mr Happy Watermelon, 24K Monkey, Green Giant, Bizarro Kush, Bizarro Zencense Herbal Incense and Maui Maui Liquid Incense Watermelon Pineapple and other aromas. Bizarro liquid incense and other e liquids also available. Find out where to buy herbal incense products online cheap near you. Are you looking for Aromatherapy products, Herbal Potpourri, Legal Herbal Smoke shop, buy potpourri online, herbal incense reviews, herbal incense for sale, Wholesale Incense, Buy Incense, herbal blends, cheap herbal incense, Discount Herbal Incense, potent herbal incense, Quality Herbal Incense, aroma vapors, Herbal Incense Coupon, herbal incense online .

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